The 2020 election and the subconscious: Trump as super-archetype

This has been a weird election. I think we are being driven by Freudian-like forces that the internet is magnifying in two separate ways: 

1. The internet connects groups with similiar subconscious drives. 

2. These groups push algorithms that drive archetypical figures like Trump to the forefront of society, who then reinforces these sub-conscious forces in one big societal loop. 

Trump is the tyrant, the toxic man-child, the bad boyfriend, the bully, and the clown – but he’s also the saviour, the voice of the down-trodden, David fighting Globalism, Big Tech and the Media, the genius rule-bending outsider, and the self-made American man. He’s all those things at once. That’s what makes him unique. 

Joe Biden is so bland because he doesn’t really fit into any of those niches. He’s just an average Joe (albeit an old one), a kind of all-purpose Democratic Party tool. You need a safe Vice President? Get Joe. Need to send a Senator across the aisle to get some votes? Send Joe. Need someone to beat Trump who is entirely predictable? Elect Joe. 

Kamala Harris, on the other hand, is an empowering figure who represents the struggles of black women all over the globe. She’s the good mother fighting against harsh tyranny with love and empathy. She gets the impoverished because she can feel their pain. But she’s also the evil witch. She’s the cold laughing mask of the careerist who will murder to get ahead in lilfe. She is fake. She will lure you in with that big fake smile and feed you sweets until you’re big and fat and lazy. Then she’ll toss you in the oven and literally eat you. 

We can’t talk to each other anymore because depending on which bubble you live in and where you are in life and what your relationship to your parents was like you will see something else. You will see whatever your subconscious wants to see, a subconscious hijacked by the youtube/facebook/media algorithm that is spilling out into the real world.

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